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The Brothers Brunches initiative was started in June 2022 with the aim of bringing Black men together for roundtable conversations and activities centered around mental health and self-care. The first Brothers Brunch took place in Jacksonville, FL, with approximately 10 participants. The second event was held in Douglasville, GA, with a smaller group of five individuals.

Although there were some challenges in terms of timing and location for subsequent events, the organizers remained determined to continue the initiative. In December 2022, they organized the first "Men's Holiday Relaxation" event. Participants engaged in activities such as sound bath healing meditation, oxygen bar sessions, salt cave experiences, and foot detox. Following the relaxation activities, the men gathered at a nearby restaurant to further discuss their experiences and explore ways to enhance self-care. Many of the attendees had their first-ever spa experience during this event. The group stayed connected and continued to support each other, with some men even seeking therapy and chiropractic care because of their involvement with Brothers Brunches. Others shared their journeys of abstaining from alcohol after previous events, showcasing the positive outcomes of the initiative.

Sometimes self care is exercise and eating right. Sometimes it’s spending time with loved ones or taking a nap. And sometimes it’s watching an entire season of TV in one weekend while you lounge around in your pajamas. Whatever soothes your soul.
Nanea Hoffman

In April 2023, the organizers introduced "TNT-Tuesday Night Talks" to provide an additional fellowship opportunity for men who couldn't attend weekend events. The first talk had a group of eight participants, including a couple of teenagers. The atmosphere was intimate, and many individuals shared personal struggles they hadn't previously discussed with anyone else. This became a monthly event.

In May 2023, some participants from the previous event returned, resulting in a more intimate gathering. The impact was profound, with tears shed as emotional connections were made, and individuals opened about their past and present challenges. One new young man gained valuable insights into the realities and unfiltered challenges of life.

In June 2023, during Juneteenth week, the organizers held inaugural events. One event took place in Atlanta (ATL) and focused on mentoring a younger group of men. The gathering addressed the fears and challenges these young men may encounter as they navigate college and face mental health challenges influenced by societal factors.

Simultaneously, a Brothers Brunch was held in Jacksonville, FL, during Juneteenth week. The men came together to fellowship and discuss societal challenges despite the significance of Juneteenth, a commemoration of freedom. The conversations touched on breaking generational curses related to fatherhood and overcoming addictions that may hinder individuals from reaching their full potential. The men left the event with a desire to engage in other activities like meditation and hiking as part of their ongoing self-care practices.


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We put on our first Hybrid “TNT” in July 2023. The need to reach more men opened the opportunity for many afar as well as those that may not be able to participate live due to their mental illness. This truly broadened the spectrum of men. One comment from a virtual attendee in another state was “This Brunch was totally different from the one I attended before.”  These are the opportunities that we want to provide for men to interact and learn from a broad range of diverse individuals to continuously improve their Mental Health and Self Care!

With Summer 2023 also brought new connections and partnerships within our servicing communities. In Atlanta we were present for our first Black Men’s Mental Health Conference. With guest speakers and panelist that not only personal, but also professional journeys, it was truly insightful. Also, we attended our first Mental Health Sneaker Ball with our Jacksonville, Florida partner Agape Health and Wellness.